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Commercial Lighting Installation Specialists

Make the most of the latest lighting technology to reduce costs and enjoy exceptional lighting performance.

Lighting technology has improved hugely in recent years. The light quality of modern LED units now matches or exceeds that of traditional light bulbs, while using a lot less electricity, as much as 90% less for the same amount of light.

Installing modern lighting in your business can help increase your eco credentials by significantly reducing power consumption and helping you make cost savings that are often surprisingly large.

Choosing the right lighting can also help boost staff productivity as well as improving customer perceptions in retail environments. Ensuring the best possible lighting conditions has long been an established retail practice and modern lighting technology means that there are more opportunities than ever to install exceptionally effective lighting in your business or home.

As we also install security alarm systems, fire and smoke alarms and CCTV systems we can also install lighting systems that further improve energy efficiency by tracking building occupancy and dimming or turning off light automatically when rooms are not in use. This is a highly effective way to make further significant energy savings and can be surprisingly affordable to install.

We can advise you every step of the way so you’ll know you are choosing the correct lighting systems for their intended environment, ensuring LUX levels are correct and the environment is exactly correct to set the right mood for your staff and customers.

In domestic environments, good lighting design can completely transform the look of a room. A few well placed and well-chosen lights can make a huge difference to the look and feel of any room, transforming a cold or dull-looking living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms into lovely, welcoming spaces (and at a very reasonable cost too).

We provide high-quality electrical system design and installation and offer outstanding service and backup. We could work with you too.